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Has your pup been nice this year? Then throw her a real party with a fabulous dog cake. Anyone would love a taste of this delicious-looking slice – that is, anyone who loves cakes with a rich flavour of meat broth and peanut butter. True, you may not get even a tiny bite for yourself; but just imagine your puppy’s whiskered cheeks all smeared with these creamy roses! (We do not use any artificial colours; only beetroots, spinach and sweet potatoes).

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We provide your pets with the best alternative to dry and canned food. Dogs of all kinds love to feast on our delicious, top-quality meals of turkey, beef, or fish with juicy, fresh organic vegetables and brown rice. Simple, healthy, familiar ingredients that you could put on your own plate and feel good about – combined into balanced meals with careful consideration of your dog’s nutritional needs. All that’s left for you to do is to gently warm up the food. This may take thirty seconds more than putting kibble into a bowl, but your pup’s healthy stomach, excellent mood and shiny fur will be worth it!


All our products are prepared with only local ingredients by a FOODSAFE certified chef. Although this certification is only required for making human food, we strongly believe that our pets deserve the same level of care. THE GREAT CANADIAN DOG CAKES dog food, treats and cakes contain no preservatives, additives, salt or sugar.


We create our products with great love, and our furry clients love us back! This happy dog is called Jake; his owner Tracy captured the moment when Jake first tried our cake. Ready to see your pup with happily raised ears and sparkling eyes every day? Then click Shop!

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